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Capturing the imagination

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s equally true of the design of any website. First impressions count and instantly capturing the interest of users is high on the agenda of our designers when working on any project. The look and feel of any website should capture the imagination and tell the story of the brand. It can be the difference between making a sale or pressing the back button, lost to another search engine result.

Our design team’s primary objective is creating an impact on those users. We work with our clients to harness their story, their brand and create a memorable product.

UX - The key

Having a website that looks amazing is only half the battle – it needs to actually work. Understanding what a user wants to achieve when visiting your website is crucial. Applying that concept to how they interact with your website is even more!

We research into what a user’s behaviour is. The placement of elements and the layout of a website cannot be understated in its importance to having a successful, revenue generating website. Years of experience when considering this and using the data available to us, allows us to enhance the experience as much as possible during the initial design and we continue to do so during strategy-led support.

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