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Connecting properties with tenants

Gone are the days of tenants searching shop windows or newspapers for their next home. In today’s digital age, the internet is the first stop on many people’s property search journey. Popular marketplace websites offer a good opportunity to reach wide markets, but how can you and your properties stand out in the crowd?

Northern Wolf has worked with a number of housing associations, estate agents as well as commercial and retail landlords across the country to present them and their properties a professional, reliable and trustworthy. Creating recognisable brands and informative digital experiences.

Finding a new home

In a competitive marketplace, where stress and urgency can be in abundance, we believe that finding the next house to call home should be as easy as possible. We recognise that every person has different needs, as much as each organisation has different requirements asked of it. We have created varying styles of bespoke property searching solutions, which allows your users to find their next home with ease and we have focused on ensuring their ability to make contact once they have decided with you as crucial as the search itself.

Improving experiences

We recognise that not every query tenants may have will be positive, and we understand the impact that can have on employee morale and that of point-of-contact call handlers — in this ever-changing digital landscape, ensuring that lines of communication between organisation and people is crucial to their on-going relationship. Making this experience as easy as possible for both can have a large effect on the nature of communication. Delivering information electronically in a clear and concise manner can reduce the burden at information points, and reduce on-going channel costs.  

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