15th January 2019

Why you NEED content before you redesign your website

You might not think it but when redesigning your website, your content plays an integral part in the overall design process. Website content is almost the blueprint your entire site will be built upon.

Here at Northern Wolf, all our web projects are delivered with your audience in mind. That’s why we thought it was important to share some of the top reasons why you need to prepare your web content before starting the website design process.

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Your website design will lack focus

Without having your content to refer to, your website design project could take longer than expected and cost you more than expected, too.


If you haven’t got your content nailed down, you'll only have a rough idea of how your site should look. And although the number of pages you can create in your content management system is unlimited, the amount of page templates you require will subsequently alter the amount of design time required.

Without content, you'll also only have a rough idea of how your pages should look. And you won't know how your users will navigate around your site. Because you haven’t created your content, the designer cannot foresee how sections will link together. This is why having your user’s journey mapped out, to begin with, is important.

All decisions become design-led

How you package your business via your website is crucial. Your website is almost a silent member of the sales team. After all, who wants to spend a prolonged period of time on a site that lacks great user experience?

Although the design is integral to your user’s journey and their perceived value of your business, it’s not the only element you should be focusing on. If all you’re focused on is the design of your site, you’re not building a site your users will explore. You need your new website to deliver an all-round fantastic experience for your users. From the content they’re reading all the way through to ease of navigation  - this is why the process needs to be content-led.


A content-led website is more useful to the user.

In fact, content is so important that according to a 2016 report by Demand Gen, 47% of buyers view three to five pieces of content before even engaging with the sales department. Therefore a design-led website project is not helping you capitalise on this lead generation opportunity.

Content auditing can help you refine your offering

Whether you operate in the business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) sectors, completing a content audit of your current website can help you refine your user’s journey through your site. Getting rid of unwanted or unnecessary website content can help you understand exactly what you need from your new website.

You’re changing your website for a reason, so it’s important you take this time to sift through all your content and refine your value proposition.

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