3rd January 2020

The hottest web design trends to keep you warm as we enter 2020!

With only a few days into 2020 we thought we would share our favourite web design trends we can see happening this year!

In this list, we will show you a few web design trends we predict will be popular this season, and some other suggestions, which could make your future website a perfect fit for engaging with your targeting audience.

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Scroll effects

Scroll events have become one of the best choices to trigger transition effects to show content dynamically, modify the position of the elements (images/videos/3D animations) and, most importantly, to make the user interact with the content of our website.


Simple. Short. Straightforward. Having a single layer site helps to be simple and direct with the message you want to transmit, this doesn’t mean that it has to be blank, on the contrary, it makes the transitions look cleaner maximising the final user experience. When applied correctly, companies can strengthen the brand and telling a story, all while having a neat page layout.


Zoom transition

Ideal for emphasising specific content. The fancy zooming transition is often an image or 3D elements being presented in and navigated around to unfold a story. The important thing to remember with this is to guide the audience in this immersive experience and not to make transitions overly complicated to follow.



WebGL interaction

Have you ever come across a website with plenty of 3D graphics and wonder how can it run so smoothly? This is the magic of WebGL! A low-level programming language that works directly with the GPU of any device, letting the CPU worries with other tasks.

Woah, we got a bit nerdy there! Basically, WebGL is the technology behind amazing 3D elements in web development which helps to create a faster and polished interactive website, allowing the audience to get a full experience of the product/message you want to present.


Dynamic gradients

Looks like the ’90s are back and with this, the gradients are included! Leaving behind the flat design trend of this past decade, gradients have come again to add transitional colour and gradual blending. This trend can be applied in several situations like to create a refreshing texture for background, add depth to a flat design or simply to incorporate new life and colour into a picture.

Although with all of these benefits, you have to be cautious with using the combination of colours and transitions to make sure your final design doesn’t go overboard. Recognise your audience, and then choose the right combination of colours to follow your brand. We will always make this an easy task by identifying whether you need to take a loud or quiet approach when in design.



Interactive animation

This more than being a new trend in web design, it’s a trend that came to stay. We have talked about the importance of making the user feel the interaction with the site they’re visiting, and this trend is perfect when we applied it to help the user to navigate the site.

Triggering motion animations on your website can be treacherous at times. It is crucial to identify whether adding animations and interactions are just for the sake of visual flair or for usability. Sometimes apart of distracting the user, it can make it impossible for users to navigate your site.


Get to the point

Big and clear. As part of the minimalistic design, it is important to include what you do or what you offer right on the homepage of your website at high-level; otherwise, it will probably go overlooked. It is essential to let your audience know what you present right away and leave the details and introductions for the About page.


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