1st November 2018

Are you user testing your website?

Your website plays an instrumental part in your new customer strategy - it’s the first impression of your business that many people will get. That’s why it’s so important to get your web design right.

It was reported by user testing platform What Users Do, that 46% of website visitors claim a ‘lack of message’ will cause them to leave. Are you confident that your site delivers what your users are expecting to find?

Here are three reasons why you should user test your website.

Your user’s opinion trumps your opinion

You might think your website looks great, performs well and generally offers the user exactly what they’re looking for. In fact, you might think the experience you offer your customers is superior. And while this could be true, you need to ensure you’re coming to this conclusion based on fact and not opinion.

Sadly, your opinion as a business doesn’t matter. You should implement your web design changes in response to unbiased user feedback, industry trends and input from your designer.

It’s vital that all your web changes are data-informed and aligned with your business goals. Not every aspect of your website needs validating by data, but any insight you do collect should play a part in this process.

As an employee, you’re probably not the target customer for your website and its products or its services. Therefore, how you use the site versus how a potential customer might use the site could be worlds apart.

It can be difficult to not let personal opinion interfere in your web design process, but it’s better the project is dictated by both your customer base and the knowledge of your web designer.

User testing helps you compete in your industry

Finding out what users want and how to give it to them is the golden question every business wants the answer to. To get ahead or even compete in your industry sector, you need to be able to understand and deliver what your users want.

User testing gives you an unbiased opinion across your entire website. From website navigation to the relevancy of your content to thoughts about the entire journey through your site. This information is invaluable. Not only does it help you map out future campaigns and business strategy, it gives you that edge over your competitors. You know what your user want.


It helps you attract new customers

User testing helps highlight the areas of your site that are just not converting or are of no use to your customer base. If you could find out why someone wouldn’t contact your business or buy your products, wouldn’t you want to know? The ultimate aim of third-party user testing is to better your business’s offering and help solve your customer’s problems.

User testing can help you see and fix problems with your site you didn’t even know existed. It’s definitely a worthwhile process for any online business.

Extra user testing tip: Don’t just go through the process of user testing each time you have a rehaul of your web design. You need to implement user testing into your ongoing strategy. Consumer behavioural trends can change frequently, so stay competitive and continue to user test!

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