18th January 2019

In profile: Meet Melanie

Melanie is one of the Web Developers at Northern Wolf.

With six years of experience in software development and three specifically in web coding, she is responsible for transforming designs into functional websites, as well as analysing websites for user experience and creating dynamic user interfaces.  



We speak with Melanie as she tells us a little bit about her life and background and what her day-to-day life is like at Northern Wolf.

Ever since I was little, the idea of creating things that could make life easier for people has always captured my interest and admiration.

It wasn't until my teenage years that I discovered software development. Specifically, it was during my university studies that the combination between writing code, interpreting designs, playing with colours and structures really sparked my interest. It has been over six years since I got my first professional opportunity to code, the first three of those years were spent developing desktop applications.

I had the fortune of finding at an early age how passionate, about learning about how to code, I am that I did not have to contemplate any other career path even though the idea of teaching does not sound bad to me at all!

At present, I am a Front-End developer at Northern Wolf. The greatest satisfaction that I get from my job is to see the finished product, considering every part of the process that myself and the rest of the team encountered to achieve the final result, despite any complications or changes that can be faced. 

Even though I love what I do, a cup of coffee always comes in handy first thing in the morning, and a small walk along the river or Liverpool always inspires me, even on the hardest of days!

Finally, I can't stress the importance of learning new technologies and techniques. It's never too late to learn something new! 

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